Usually the real cost of implementing GemsTracker is the time invested by the people in your organisation. Implementing GemsTracker requires you to either built or choose the surveys to use and to determine which survey is going to be used when. We cannot estimate these for costs for your organisation (nor the cost of not implementing GemsTracker or a similar tool). In practice GemsTracker helps to keep these costs down: setting up tracks both documents and implements the survey order and GemsTracker is so flexible that you can start with a limited set of data and expand or change the data collection later.

Here we give you an impression of the external costs for your organisation: those for hosting, development and consultancy.

Hosting a test/demo environment

If you want to try out GemsTracker we can quickly set up test and/or demo hosting environments for you on our server. Fill in our intake survey so we know what type of project you are working on and what your special needs and requirements might be.

Standard fee for a test and/or demo site is € 50.- per month. The minimal duration of a contract on CareFacts is one year. The € 600.- per year is invoiced once a year, starting once the installation is on-line. It makes no difference whether you want just a test or a demo server as duplicating the installation is little work for us.

The standard installation cost of a test and/or demo site is € 1.000. This does include:

  • A standard installation setup for a single organisation.
  • An administrative user that can make other organisations and create user accounts.
  • A default layout with your company logo. Colors can be adjusted from the installation.
  • Adjustments of the fields which store patient information.
  • A LimeSurvey installation.
  • An url on this server:{your organisation}-test or -demo.

This does not include any project specific extensions, e.g. events for complex track calculations or an import module specific to your organisation. A default installation does include the option to manually import patients and appointments. However: entering real patient data is not allowed on either the test or the demo installation!

Hosting a production environment

GemsTracker production installations contain patient data. This data is very private and your organisation can be liable when people obtain illegal access this data. Fines could be as high as 10% of your organisation yearly turnover!

The GemsTracker software is subject to regular penetration tests. By choosing GemsTracker you choose for an externally validated safe solution. However: no matter how safe the software, if the server used for hosting the software is not well managed your patient data can be at risk. To make sure your patient data is safe, we require of all our customers to host GemsTracker production sites on a NEN 7510 certified server. This certification does raise the costs of the server, but the alternative is a gamble that we refuse to support.

Our hosting partner True offers NEN 7510 certified managed hosting of the GemsTracker platform. Depending on the level of service, monthly fees vary between € 400.- and € 1000.- per month. A standard installation typically costs € 600.- per month for a production server.

A standard installation normally includes both a production server and an acceptance server. Having an acceptance server is a standard good business practice and allows you to test updates before installation on your production system using the actual patient data on the production server. On demand we copy the database of the production environment to the acceptance server. Thanks to a feature unique to GemsTracker you can test the new version of the software without worrying about sending an email to a patient: all mails send in acceptance mode are automaticaly rerouted to the staff member performing the test. The acceptance server is also a great tool to test changes to your GemsTracker tracks before you implement them on production or to perform database calculations without putting a load on the production server.

Setup of your production and acceptance server, migration of your test demo site to the production environment (including mediation in choosing the right level of service) typically costs from € 800.- up to € 1.500.-.

Hosting of a production environment includes the cost of purchasing SSL certificates through or a store of your own choosing.


Development costs differ from zero to tens of thousands of euro's a year. GemsTracker comes with standard features for patient and user management, data export, import and track creation and editing, etc.. but sometimes organisations need custom solutions. For example to:

  • Distribute a certain survey only dependend on an answer to a question in a previous survey
  • Import or export data in the exact same format of another system used
  • Start a certain track when a patient meets certain conditions
  • Add a special track field data type
  • Integrate GemsTracker with an EPD
  • Integrate GemsTracker with a patient portal
  • Copy the design of your website instead of using the default design.
  • Add a new feature to GemsTracker

We designed GemsTracker from the bottom up to be easyly to extend in individual projects without sacrificing the ability to keep using the latest version of GemsTracker. Over the years this has allowed us to experiment with new extensions and then migrate them to the core of GemsTracker after a while.

New projects usually start out with a standard version GemsTracker with only limited extensions. Extensions like special survey handling during track calculation, survey specific answer display and EPD integration usually require less than a day of work.

Automatic import of patient data is counted in days or at most a week for a single set of data.

Extensions to the GemsTracker core can cost anything form hours to weeks. We usually give an estimate in advance and then complete the extension within the estimate.

The unique thing about CareFacts is that GemsTracker core software is open source. Any extensions to the core software you order are available for other GemsTracker users without any extra costs, while any extensions others order are available to you for free. Project-specific extensions are by default close source. Sometimes we have multiple customers requiring the same extension. We make an effort to share the costs among them, whenever possible.

Development work has an per hour rate of € 105.- (excl. vat).


The needs for consultancy depend of course on your organisation. Most customers need some initial support to find their way in a fresh installation. Some organisations have their own people create the surveys and the survey order. Others ask our consultants to do so. Our consultants have ample experience with implementation of GemsTracker in medical practice and can help you create consensus, design optimal measurment tracks, implement compliance checks and create feedback loops for quality improvement.

A similar case exists for data analysis. You can do your own analysis of the data exported from GemsTracker or hire one of our specialist to help you.

Consultancy is available on an per hour rate of € 150.- (excl. vat).