CareFacts offers custom installations of the GemsTracker (GEneric Medical Survey Tracker) platform. The GemsTracker software is developed by the Erasmus MC in Rotterdam, in collaboration with CareFacts partners and customers. The GemsTracker software is freely available under the new BSD open source licence, meaning that each separate installation can add propriety customizations.

The most powerful features of GemsTracker are:


  • Build your own surveys: Gemstracker works in conjunction with LimeSurvey, which offers an extensive platform for building surveys. For a feature list see: Alternatively, you can use other questionnaire systems such as Open Rosa (OpenDataKit) or propriety systems.

Survey management

  • Follow up surveys
  • Surveys dependent on answers (events) in previous surveys
  • Multiple people to answer surveys concerning one person
  • Define tracks as a sequence of surveys, depending on time or event
  • Different tracks assigned to different people
  • Different tracks for different organizations
  • Recalculate survey assignment when track definition has changed
  • Tag tracks with important information using track fields
  • Integrate appointments as triggers for surveys


  • Easy search as you type interface
  • Powerful overview and search features
  • Organization based layouts (tables, overviews, skinning)
  • Complete administrative interface (overviews of compliance, mail, system access, survey deployment)
  • Template based automatic emailing
  • Multiple alternatives to email (PDF, token url, using snail mail)


  • Strong project based extension possibilities
  • Powerful and adaptable interface building from code
  • Configurable for production, demonstration, testing and development installations
  • Active development community

Privacy and security

  • Management of patient informed consent
  • Low level data separation of answers and patient identification data
  • Adaptable cross-organization access rights
  • Random secret patient identifiers
  • Complete logging of email messages sent
  • Complete logging of patient access (can be switched off)
  • Extensive rights system
  • Strong, extensible, role based password check algorithms
  • Organization based IP-filtering


  • Import respondent and appointment data (bulk and/ or (semi)automatic)
  • Export survey and other table data (Excel, CSV, SPSS, Stata)
  • Webservice integration for datawarehousing
  • Connectivity for integrating with EPD's using generic HL7 exchange protocols
  • Import and export tracks